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Dentures Out (2022)

Dentures Out
The World That Was
Feast Your Eyes
News To Nietzsche
Things As They Are
Signs Of Love
Drop Dead Destiny
The Recent Past
Sundays By John Calvin
Draw Another Line
Play The Man
What The Audience Knew

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Angry Cyclist (2018)

Angry Cyclist
Streets Of Edinburgh
Then It Comes To Me
You Make Me Happy
The Hours Between
Sometimes It’s the Fools
A Way With Words
The Battle Of The Booze
I’d Ask The Questions

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Proclaimers_LetsHearItForTheDogs_Cover-200x200Let’s Hear It For The Dogs (2015)

You Built Me Up
Be With Me
In My Home
Tuesday Afternoon
Then Again
What School?
If I’m Still Around
The Other Side
Forever Young
Ten Tiny Fingers
Through Him
Rainbows and Happy Regrets
Moral Compass

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Like Comedy (2012)

Whatever You’ve Got
Simple Things
Spinning Around In The Air
After You’re Gone
Women and Wine
The Thought Of You
Like Comedy
Dance With Me
Wherever You Roam
I Think That’s What I Believe
A Mix

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HMV Scottish Exclusive Edition

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Notes & Rhymes (2009)

Notes & Rhymes
Love Can Move Mountains
Three More Days
Just look Now
Sing All Our Cares Away
It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)
Like A Flame
I Know
Shadows Fall
Free Market
Wages Of Sin
On Causewayside
I Know (reprise)

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Life With You (2007)

Life With You
In Recognition
New Religion
No One Left To Blame
Here It Comes Again
Blood Lying On Snow
Harness Pain
The Long Haul
The Lover’s Face
Whole Wide World
Calendar On The Wall
If There’s A God

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Restless Soul (2005)

When Love Struck You Down
Restless Soul
Turning Away
I’m Gone
That’s Better Now
Every Day I Try
He Just Can’t
Bound For Your Love
What I Saw In You
The One Who Loves You
She’s Brighter
Now And Then
One More Down

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Born Innocent (2003)

Born Innocent
Should Have Been Loved
Blood On Your Hands
Unguarded Moments
Hate My Love
You Meant It Then
Five O’Clock World
He’s Just Like Me
Role Model
No Witness
Dear Deidre
There’s No Doubt

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The Proclaimers
The Best Of… (2002)

Letter From America
There’s A Touch
Let’s Get Married
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
The Doodle Song
I’m On My Way
King Of The Road
Ghost Of Love
Throw The R Away
What Makes You Cry
Sunshine On Leith
When You’re In Love
Cap In Hand
I Want To Be A Christian
Act Of Remembrance
Lady Luck
Make My Heart Fly
The Light
The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
Oh Jean

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Persevere (2001)

There’s A Touch
Sweet Little Girls
A Land Fit For Zeros
How Many Times
One Too Many
That’s When He Told Her
Scotland’s Story
When You’re In Love
She Arouses Me So
Everybody’s A Victim
Don’t Give It To Me
Heaven Right Now
Act Of Remembrance

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Hit The Highway (1994)

Let’s get Married
The More I Believe
What Makes You Cry
Follow The Money
These Arms Of Mine
Shot Shout
The Light
Hit The Highway
A Long Long Time Ago
I Want To Be A ChristianYour Childhood
Don’t Turn Out Like Your Mother

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Sunshine On Leith (1988)

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Cap In Hand
The I Met You
My Old Friend The Blues
Sunshine On Leith
Come On Nature
I’m On My Way
What Do You Do
It’s Saturday Night
oh Jean

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This Is The Story (1987)

Throw The ‘R’ Away
Over And Done With
Misty Blue
The Part That Really Matters
(I’m Gonna) Burn Your Playhouse Down
letter From America
(Acoustic Version)
Sky Takes The Soul
It Broke My Heart
The First Attack
Make My Heart Fly
beautiful Truth
The Joyfull Kilmarnock Blues
Letter From America
(Full band Version)

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