T in the Park 2015

Jenn @jennphillips_ In the wah wah tent on my own, pished out ma face waiting for the proclaimers… Lovin life

Neil Pullar @PullarNeil @FraserBrown35 @melharvey72 @The_Proclaimers Absolutely jumping, what an atmosphere, best so far #TITP2015

gemma @gemmajohnston_ They have actual barricaded the king tuts tent cause the proclaimers is full and me n Lewis are stranded ahahhaahha help xx


Lee Thompson @leethommo Tent closed due to full capacity for The Proclaimers at TITP, 15 mins before they went on. And the queues outside remain about 20 deep!

anne leslie @anneleslieee  Gutted we missed the proclaimers

The Skinny @theskinnymag  The Proclaimers are playing Sunshine on Leith. Even those of us 200 yards from the tent are in tears. #TITP2015


Lorraine Herbison @LorrainHerbison  Absolutely shocking crush scenes as folk try to get in to see The Proclaimers @KingTuts @Tinthepark.


FreshAir.org.uk @FreshAirRadio  So much love for @the_proclaimers. ON YERSELLLSSSS!


The Scottish Sun @ScottishSun  They’ve still got it! @The_Proclaimers rock out at #TITP2015http://sunpl.us


The Scottish Sun ‏@ScottishSun  Security forced to temporarily close jam-packed King Tut’s Tent during @The_Proclaimershttp://sunpl.us/6018B8NtY 

T in the Park @Tinthepark  YES! Our favourites @The_Proclaimers absolutely rocking #TITP2015 #500Miles #FestivalFavourites

 Amy @amyhendersonnn @Shansss_ @ellzzz18 @Tinthepark @The_Proclaimers THEY WERE FUCKIN GREAT

 david @yeah_baaddy  the proclaimers are class in slamtent #500ectos

Taz Angela @Taz_Angela Message from Katie at T in the park “Just had the best hour of my life” and who was she watching The Proclaimers, love it

 ewan @OhnoitsewanFuck Avicii, fuck the libertines. I’m all about The Proclaimers

Molly @_mollysinclairx Avicii was amazing wow and the proclaimers was amazing. Woohoo buzzing wanna see them again

 rachel alexander @_bit_simple  can die happy after tonight of the proclaimers and courteeners

 jords @_jordanfarquhar  The proclaimers are always gonna be amazingggg

Anna Hughes MacIver @AnnaMacxoxo The only time I’ve ever fainted is when I saw The Proclaimers at @Tinthepark 2 years ago, I’m so rock and roll…

Megan Quigley @Megsquigley Agh, watching the proclaimers at T and it looks fucking magic. So angry a didnt get a ticket, next year here a come

demimontgomery @demimontgomery1 The proclaimers looked so good at T

Jordan McDonald @jordannnmc98 the proclaimers is bouncin

chris allardyce @dycie1988#bbctitp the proclaimers brilliant was at front row for t20 watching them wish I was back wen my boy has grown up we will be back

 jake Welsh @JakeWelsh10 Cunt best at titp by a country mile #theproclaimers

Alan Gordon @AlanGordon97CFC The proclaimers have been the best act so far, fucking fantastic #DoDoDoDo

Sophie @sophhhhh_x just got nothin but love for the proclaimers, 500 miles at titp looked amazinnn

alix @aliboxblocker nothing more Scottish than 10,000 wasted teenagers in a muddy field singing along to 500 miles by the proclaimers

Ditto Entertainment @DittoComedy @Tinthepark: YES! Our favourites @The_Proclaimers absolutely rocking #500Miles ” FAO @GoodCo_music @bechillcomedian

Nikki Anderson @nikkiandersonx  The proclaimers just made my life! Never had so much fun! @kazbaz_ @_rachcampbell_

 jeanette O’Shea @JeanetteOShea2 @Tinthepark @jacar101 @The_Proclaimers I love them!

Adele Harrison @nancy_ninja TITP update: it’s raining and I can hear people throwing up. However, I have just seen The Proclaimers in Scotland, all is well in my eyes.

Stuart Davidson @StuDavo99 One of the most incredible atmospheres I’ve ever been fortunate enough to experience @The_Proclaimers #T

Toni @ToniClark8 I dinny think I’ve ever seen Chelsie so happy like she was at The Proclaimers tonight

 meghann McShane ‏@meghannMcshane The Proclaimers best moment of my life

hal @hallewilson8 Am still BUZZIN fi the Proclaimers followed by Twin

Harry Mulligan ‏@harryatlarge  The Proclaimers hands down stole the day, and Enter Shikira a very close second http://fb.me/2ddEqMwAM


AwaAnDinneTalkPish! @domac2000 @MrMalky There were tons of saltires at TITP this year and the Proclaimers sang Cap in hand to the loudest singalong & rapturous applause

 Wee Red Bird ‏@WeeRedBird Loved The Proclaimers last night. Could have danced to them all night #titp

Tommy Fletcher @FletcherTommy Libertines were awful, glad I left to The Proclaimers, they were unreal! Sorry not sorry

Deborah Cunningham @DebiMcNally 2015 highlight was @The_Proclaimers Outstanding, atmosphere was electric !!! @Tinthepark again let us down with TERRIBLE organisation!!!!

 Kaz @kazzzxx @Tinthepark Unorganised mess,never again!!Which bright spark thought to put the proclaimers & courteeners in a tent!! Absolute shambles

 Kayleigh Mcleod @LadyKayleigh88 @Tinthepark Saturday highlight had to be singing & dancing to marvellous @The_Proclaimers in @kingtuts tent – a magic moment #TITP

Wee Red Bird @WeeRedBird @The_Proclaimers @TennentsLager It was amazing. Thank you for coming to #TITP2015 and making it awesome.

Ellie Brennan @_EBrennan @FreshAirRadio: So much love for @the_proclaimers. ON YERSELLLSSSS! ” best act i have seen. Maybe ever.

Beth✨ @BethBecker2 The Proclaimers are one of most insane gigs I’ve ever seen#tinthepark2015 https://instagram.com/p/5CPssyg64_/

 Megan Cameron ‏@megaanc_x I would do anything to be back at the proclaimers

morgz @morgansylvia_  absolutely LOVED the proclaimers last night at T, so good🏻 #TITP2015

Charlotte Duffy @charlottteduffy  So upset the tent was full yesterday so I couldn’t see The Proclaimers

Megan @megzzloww  The proclaimers were amazing last night

 Morgan @FullertonMorgan  How good were the proclaimers

1•6•2015 @laneboycliffxrd  @annamxrgan circa waves and bits and bobs of others we couldn’t get into the proclaimers which sucked

andy hodgson @andyhodgsontv  “@Tinthepark: Our favourites @The_Proclaimers absolutely rocking #TITP2015 #500Miles “

 Craig Halliday @CraigHalliday96  The proclaimers were unreal last night, they never disappoint

Richard Downey @RichDowney  @BobSalmond @mortoni I love that there was a mob that tore up the barriers and stormed the King Tut’s tent for…..The Proclaimers!

Murray Wilson  Meanwhile, in the field our children were watching some bloke with a laptop playing other people’s .mp3’s. They are young, they will learn

 Ryan McMillan ‏@ryanmcmillan67  @Gowzer7 honestly wish ye coulda seen the guy charging the security at the king tuts cos he wanted to see the proclaimers comedy gold x

Robert Gribbin @RobertGribbin  Seeing The Proclaimers made dodging open manholes worthwhile @Emmagrichardson @AnyaBramich @richardbramich

Emma Richardson @Emmagrichardson  @RobertGribbin @AnyaBramich @richardbramich there was a stampede to see The Proclaimers. An actual stampede.

Julie Anne Goodman @twopins  @The_Proclaimers @Tinthepark superb – given me chills @rachel_frank and @iamcharliefrank

Mr G. Fleming @GraFleming1  @JeanetteOShea2 @The_Proclaimers @Tinthepark Started greetin watchin that, gets me every time.

Teresa Ward @Hunofbun  I lurrrrve The Proclaimers & this is one of my fav songs. Looks like a fab atmosphere!

Jim Lappin @TheLip69  @The_Proclaimers @Tinthepark Su – bloody – perb

Caits @caitlinsmith_  The Proclaimers look amazing at T !!

Susan Kearney @susankearney_x  The Proclaimers look class at T. Rather jealous I must say

glenn. @TheGlennBarclay  The Proclaimers will always be timeless legends 🏻 #TITP2015

Lauren @LaLaLaLaurenHxo  The sing along for James Bay and The Proclaimers at TITP sounded sick

Frazer Morrison @Fraz_Mo  Would love to see the proclaimers looks absolutely jumping!

deni @DeniShorthouse  I would of loved to be at the proclaimers yesterday wow

lauraaa @ImagineLaura_  Can’t help but smile at The Proclaimers

KevR @kwr66  The Proclaimers, Sunshine on Leith. Live at TiTP 2015. I think I have something in my eye. Lovely.

Amy Cowie @AmyCowie  The Proclaimers looked class #TITP

brogan @wtvbrogan  i love the proclaimers so much i don’t even care

John Brown @JohnBrown395  To be fair the Proclaimers look dyno

Anna Charlesworth @anna14rmc  It’s all about the Proclaimers at T right now

Sophie @sophiehaayes  God fucking bless The Proclaimers

Tracey Pankhurst @Trace_McAce  The Proclaimers are rocking #TINTHEPARK!

Jenny @bonjourdudes  The Proclaimers look amazing at @Tinthepark

brooke @brookemurray_  soo gutted we couldnt get into the tent to see the proclaimers yesterday

Ryan @Ryzaan  Aye I would die to watch the proclaimers at TITP

john dill @stfc1960  “@The_Proclaimers: Sunshine On Leith live @TInThePark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LlMiFYfZIg …” fantastic is there a better live band #legends

Euan Forsyth @mindofyoobi  The Tut’s tent looked fucking bouncing for the Proclaimers!! #TITP2015

Ali Brown @Alibroon1  Watching The Proclaimers at T in the Park. Why are they in a tent and not headlining? Check out that smiling singing happy crowd. Legends

Ryan Nolan @NobbyNolano  I’m watching The Proclaimers‘s set from T and I’m having the best of times

Shaunagh Morgan @shaunaghmorgan  Can’t get over out of all the acts yesterday it was the proclaimers where we were nearly crushed to death

The_Masotron™ @mason_rowan  Watching the proclaimers from last night n still in disbelief at how amazing they were hahaha, wow

Shaun Corrigan @iShaunCorrigan  The Proclaimers at T in the Park, now there’s a performance for you!!!

Chris Inglis @ChrisInglis11  After watching the highlights of #TITP2015 the proclaimers sunshine on leith is by far the best! #class

ruairidh @ruairidh_  The Proclaimers were unreal last night🏽 by far the best of the day!

No.1 McCall @StruanMcCall09  Ngl the best atmosphere the whole weekend was probably the last 20 mins of The Proclaimers unbelievable!

Amy Gavin @AmyGavin_  Actually cried at the proclaimers last night during Sunshine on Leith, sounded amazing

Bethhh @Bethhowardd The proclaimers=best moment of my life

Abigail Robertson @aabigail_xx  The proclaimers were the highlight of my weekend

Angie Love ♓ @Angie_TB37 The T crowd at the proclaimers looked fucking amazing! That would’ve been a highlight for me #45

wee jill @tintyyy  The Proclaimers were 100% the highlight of T in the Park

Greg Nicol @Greg__Nicol Omg the Proclaimers were actually the best thing of my life ever

sean C @SeanCrawford4  the proclaimers were just unbelievable

RiceKrisPeace @_HerPeace_  I need to see the proclaimers live before I die!

Milky @CammyHFCLoudon  This was the best moment at T in the Park for me! Gives me goosebumps watching this over! Love the proclaimers

Erin Louise Lee @Ellee_____  soo gutted that the proclaimers tent was full:'(((( #TITP2015

Amanda @AmandaPaterson4 Started crying cause I couldn’t get into the proclaimers only reason I went to t

Lara @lararooos  Nearly got crushed to death walking to see The Proclaimers but oh my GAAWD they were sensational #highlight