Hibernian FC Third Kit – Sunshine on Leith Lyrics

Hibernian FC Third Kit – Sunshine on Leith Lyrics

The new yellow third kit will be available to pre order from 10am on Wednesday 22nd September by visiting www.hiberniandirect.co.uk.

The third kit will then be available in store from Tuesday 5th October. The lyrics can be found throughout the sublimation of the new yellow third kit produced by Hibs official kit manufacturers, Joma Sport.

As part of the partnership, 25% of the profits of the sales will be donated to the charity, Oxfam. Craig and Charlie said, “We are very proud to be involved with the good work being done with Hibs new 3rd strip.

The club was founded with a charitable purpose and it’s great that Hibs carry this on in the present era.”



Great that band members have used time off the road creating brilliant solo projects.

Garry John Kane (bass) – has a new single release “Rise to the Top” with his own band Button Up. It’s available to buy for only 99p on links below. A very uplifting soulful track highly recommended”





Zac Ware (guitars) – Zac has spent the last year working on his production skills in the studio he built in his garden. His first major production is the album Echoes by Tenzin. Featuring the percussionist Peter Ulrich (Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil) it will be released in November 2021.

In March 2021, Zac’s band The New Spirits released DownTown Project.  A collection of original songs written with Ben Walker and Jesse Lawrence.


When not writing or producing Zac is teaching guitar to guitarists young and old. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq9IU66s2spcCS2R57OaWbQ

Or performing his one man show Zac’s Guitar Jukebox  https://www.facebook.com/zac’sguitarjukebox


Erica Nockells (violin) – has also recorded a wonderful solo album  ‘Dark Music From A Warm Place’


Glasgow theatre performers create their own Sunshine

Glasgow theatre performers create their own Sunshine


Well done to everyone involved at Pantheon, Glasgow’s leading non-profit Theatre company

for their fantastic performances and ingenuity, creating this brilliant musical short film during such a trying time.

Sunshine tells a poignant and uplifting story, where we dream about a return to performance together. For so many in the arts community, the possibility of coming together again as cast and crew was an unknown as we returned to UK Wide lockdowns at the end of 2020. Now in April 2021, there’s positive hope.  Ultimately, we realise in Sunshine that although we’re still unable to perform together in person, we can continue to create together in a socially distanced way and share with each other the happiness and positivity that performance can bring.

Filming Sunshine began in August 2020, and was of course met with multiple challenges as lockdown levels increased during the autumn of 2020.  Sunshine Director Tri Cumming shared “We were ready to film our big finale when lockdown rules were increased. We hoped that rules would be relaxed, but when it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen, we adapted the script so we could keep filming in line with all guidance. The final product however is probably more poignant and personal as the story follows all of our experiences during the last few months.”

Sunshine Producer and Pantheon President, David Robertson shared “This has been an amazing project. The singing has all been recorded in the cast’s homes and all brought together to produce this fantastic soundtrack. Most of the filming then had to be done by the cast on their own and we then had to edit everything together in a cohesive way to tell our story. The final product is a joy to watch and something we are very proud of.”

Directed by Tri Cumming Sunshine is an original piece of theatre with well-known music arranged by Chris Pugh and choreographed by Lynne Bustard. Videography was created by Iain Bell and the entire cast and edited by Iain Bell.

Experience the Sunshine here;

Pantheon are Glasgow’s leading non-profit theatre company usually staging successful shows in the King’s Theatre or Theatre Royal as well as other venues across the city throughout the year.

As a charity whose purpose is to promote musical theatre and the arts, the Covid-19 pandemic brought the cancellation of three major productions which the company were scheduled to perform in the Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

Sunshine has given the cast and freelancers usually engaged in their productions an opportunity to continue to be creative, work together and capture a unique moment in our history.