Recording for Linda Thompson

Recording for Linda Thompson

Legendary singer/songwriter Linda is currently creating an album where she invites guests to sing on a collection of her new songs. She invited Craig and Charlie to perform a gorgeous ballad ‘Bonny Lass’.

They gathered together at Post Electric Studio in Leith, Linda and her son Teddy Thompson producing and grandson Zak Hobbs on acoustic guitar

Craig and Charlie said “It was a real privilege for us to record for one of our heroines in Linda.

The song Bonny Lass is beautiful and the session was an absolute pleasure to work on.”

A big thanks also to Rod Jones and Danny Herbert at Post Electric.


Sunshine on Dalkeith

Sunshine on Dalkeith

A huge well done to Karen Hilton and Carol Robinson for their fantastic endeavours in raising awareness and funds for secondary cancer charity Make 2nds Count.
Karen, Carol and friends have created a brilliant video of them performing I’m On My Way to accompany their appeal.




Happy St Andrew’s Day! Here is a fantastic video of the talented children at Jacaranda School for Orphans in Malawi singing ‘I’m Gonna Be’ (500 Miles)’ – it’s great to see how much energy they get from a daily serving of Mary’s Meals. You can help @Mary’s Meals feed more hungry children at

The Jacaranda School for Orphans, Malawi, is named after the jacaranda tree that blossomed outside the hospital window of father of the school’s founder, Marie da Silva, as she was dying in in 1997. The jacaranda tree symbolizes life, growth and hope, important symbols for her students, orphans and underprivileged children, for whom she aims to provide a future.

Marie founded the school in her family home, while working as a nanny in the US. She wanted to provide the most vulnerable children, children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, with a quality education and all the supportive services they need to thrive.

Many of the pupils live with the HIV virus themselves or come from families that have been affected. As well as providing a full curriculum, the school also focuses on art, drama and music.

The two girls in the video, Joyce and Vanessa, attend Jacaranda school and visited Scotland a few years ago, and the song 500 Miles made a big impact on them. They brought it back to Jacaranda and taught the other children and directed the video themselves.


David Tennant BBC Children in Need – Got it Covered – Sunshine On Leith

David Tennant BBC Children in Need – Got it Covered – Sunshine On Leith

Interview with David 

What was it that made you want to take part in BBC Children In Need?

Well this is the brain child of Shaun Dooley, who is an actor I first met on Broadchurch as did Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker. We have all been grabbed into this project by Shaun.

It was his idea, it was his brain child and he and his wife Polly have put it together. It’s for Children In Need so when the call comes it’s like national service, isn’t it, you don’t say no.

Why did you choose your song and what does it mean to you?

Well I had a few ideas of the song I might do but as soon as I suggested Sunshine On Leith by The Proclaimers, it seemed to be set in stone and everybody was very keen that we stick with that and it’s been a very important song for me.

I’ve loved The Proclaimers, they have been the soundtrack of my life really and this is their biggest anthem probably. This is the point, when you see The Proclaimers live, this is the point that everybody gets out their cigarette lighters and has a little cry. It’s a wonderful song. It’s just a beautiful, simple, soaring, wonderful song. I’ve always loved it.

Of course that’s a different challenge from actually having to perform it and make it sound okay but luckily we have Guy Chambers and his very clever mixing desk which will hopefully make me sound, if not like a professional singer then at least not unlike a very unprofessional actor.

How have you found the task of swapping your everyday acting job for singing in the spotlight?

I was quite blasé about it in the run up. I think I was, well I know I was, in denial about it to be honest. I wasn’t really confronting the reality of coming and singing on my own, in front of people who know what singing is supposed to sound like. When I arrived, the nerves descended and it took me quite a few goes in front of the mic to not be trembling in my voice. I don’t know if I ever managed it entirely but it was scary, it was intense. I felt quite drained by the end of it.

Just because there is something very exposing about singing, there is something very primal about it, isn’t there? And it’s not something I do in front of people, it’s something I do in the shower and to annoy my children. So to try to do it and try to do it well or as best I can in the circumstances, it’s quite intense and weirdly gruelling. 


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Inspirational RAF veteran Sean Allerton started his latest “Push 500” event at RAF College Cranwell on  28th October 2019. The challenge started with Sean and The Proclaimer’s pushing the first few miles in front of the majestic College Hall Officer’s Mess.  Each lap of The Orange is a third of a mile and Sean completed a total of 16 laps.

Sean, 54, from Yorkshire is a volunteer with the RAF Air Cadets and 2434 (Church Fenton). Tragically, Sean lost the use of his legs in a road traffic collision whilst on duty in Cyprus, 26 years ago.  He spent 50 weeks in hospital with a broken neck. Against all odds he won a flying scholarship in 2011 training towards his private pilot’s licence.  He flew solo on the last day of his scholarship.

So far, Sean has raised £38,000 and pushed more than 2000 miles for the Royal Air Force Association, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust and Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.

Craig and Charlie have been supporters for many years and said “We had a great day at the base. Sean is an inspiring man and it was our privilege to be there.”

PUSH 500 –