A huge thank you to the fantastic talents of director James Slater and producers Rosie Ford & Jack Hartley at Zomdic Films, casting director Chelsea O’Connor and choreographer Joshua Hubbad and all the cast and crew. Filmed on the hottest day of the year in mid-July at St Mary’s Centre, Clithero.

Overview from a recent interview – The song Dentures Out was the first song written for the new album three years ago and features Manic Street preachers James Dean Bradfield on guitar. “It sums up what we want to say on the record,” Craig explains. “I think this is probably our first album ever where there’s been a theme through it. It’s not designed, but there has been a theme of anti-nostalgia and anti-looking back at the past. And Dentures Out says what I want to say with this record more clearly than any other song.”

Britain, he expands, is a dilapidated, toothless old crone, a diminished country, clinging onto former, vanished glories. It’s a view, Charlie adds, that the brothers have arrived at “in context”, from their teenage punk period to their many years engaged in Scottish politics and campaigning for independence.