The Proclaimers full set live at T In The Park (57 mins)


While The Libertines are looking back into the sun on the main stage, King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent is packed full of old and young alike taking part in the ultimate T experience.

Before the show the PA is blasting typical pre-big gig sing along material, drunken revellers escort their even drunker friends through the tent with the determined look of a soldier dragging a fallen comrade to safety and absolutely everyone is soaking wet.

For their part in this cultural microcosm, the twins from Leith are the masters.

They know what the capacity audience wants and dispense with the first big sing along of the night, Letter From America, just three songs into the set.

From that point they keep things going at a steady pace, all leading up to the last half an hour of non-stop hits.

The crowd forget the mud, rain and hangovers and launch themselves into every single song, helping out with the high notes that might seem a little higher these days for the festival veterans.

Sunshine on Leith comes exactly half way through and prompts the usual reveal of Hibs scarves and flags, but of course, football rivalries are on hold for the time being and the whole tent embraces the anthem for a spine tingling moment.

On My Way and Life With You even manage to overcome the noise bleeding into the tent from the rides and cocktail bar outside, a much-welcomed relief.

Of course, it is inevitable that they end on 500 Miles, and even Noel Gallagher, who headlines the main stage on Sunday, will have to pull something special out of his bag of hits to match the reaction this nearly 30 year old song receives.