Hats off to B Coy of the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment who are on Operation Herrick 15 based in RAHIM which is a small village in Ner-E-Saraj district. Afghanistan.

They have taken inspiration from ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and have worked out if you total the number of miles sung in the song by adding up all the 500s and 1000s from you get 8,000 miles. In the last two months of their tour they decided to run, walk, patrol, bike, and row that distance. The aspiration is to raise £8,000 with the proceeds being split, 50% will go to one of the soldiers who is raising money for an urgently required operation for his son who suffers from cerebral palsy the other half will go to the Yorkshire regiment benevolent fund. Here is the fantastic video they have recorded: