SUNDAY TIMES – The Reid brothers brand of forthright folk-rock is thriving

SONGWRITING – Their gift for original writing remains undiminished as does their unique ability of writing songs with universal appeal

MOJO – Big, bouncy sing-alongs which attempt to out-anthem their own greatest hits

RECORD COLLECTOR – These canny ol’ dogs have ┬ámastered some very smart new tricks

THE SCOTSMAN – The Reids are masters of evoking a sense of three-pints-into-the-night-misty-eyed jollity, but the political element to their music is deftly freighted beneath the emotive veneer

THE HERALD – They really are quite unique, it is the lyrics that can be startling – witty and clever and impossible to imagine coming from another pen

DAILY MIRROR -This storming and life-affirming record is a timely reminder of what a great national resource twins Craig and Charlie Reid are

UK NEWS – Like a fine wine, Craig and Charlie Reid seem too improve with age and that’s certainly the case on this their 10th studio album. Cast aside your preconceptions, this is a fine album