Craig and Charlie have written consistently wonderful words and music across their career to date. These songs are timeless, the lyrics capturing a gamut of human emotions, written with poignancy, honesty and humour.

Their songs feature at weddings, funerals and everything in-between and there is one song, an early celebration of falling head over heels in love that is known the world over and has become a staggering global anthem. There are many others that have gained great popularity in different parts of the planet and then there is a wide cross section of sublime songs embraced by a multitude who has kept up with The Proclaimers ten studio albums and compilation collections released between 1987 and 2015. 

For anyone starting a fresh or re-familiarising themselves with The Proclaimers music, I would recommend starting with the Very Best Of compilation and also this collection. I’ve left out the 30 songs that feature on The Very Best Of and could have combined any collection of songs for this playlist. This 20 will do just fine though as a representation of the depth of the Reid brothers music.

Kenny MacDonald

Braw Music Mgt

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